You’re still not on mobile?!

If your site is still not mobile-friendly, read on. This article is specifically for you.


Mobile is here to stay. That is the fact that most marketers have realized over the past few years when the use of the said device has turned around double-digit growth in many countries worldwide. According to Global Web Index, four out of five people already own a smartphone and their fearless forecast is that this year, 2015, will be the year when smartphones will reach the same level as laptop/PC ownership. According to the same research, 75% has gone online via a mobile device in a month.


The positive outlook for mobile browsing has been reinforced with Google’s push for webmasters to make their websites mobile-friendly. Google has been sending mass notifications to websites, which do not conform to their guidelines and it alerts the webmasters to “Fix mobile usability issues.”


How do they do this?


Google inspects a number of your pages and if there are critical mobile usability issues, it will prompt you to optimize your site so that your page rank will not suffer for mobile browsing. Amazing as Google is, their algorithm would help you find your problematic pages so can take proper measures in making sure that you are viable to the growing mobile market.


But why should you do that, you may ask. Let me give you a little rundown on the advantages of making this change:


    1. AESTHETICS.  The first thing that will make you spend those first seconds on a website will be aesthetics – how the website looks. Since a desktop version of your website is too large for a mobile screen, your text would come out very, very small. This is definitely not a pretty sight.
    2. FUNCTIONALITY. The second thing that they will look at is how easy that navigation is and the general user interface. Since your texts are too small, your users need to pinch and zoom and pinch and zoom every time they have to read your content. It takes a lot of effort and it can be frustrating for your users. You have to make it easy and breezy for them.


  • INCREASED PAGE RANK. You heard Google. Once your site is not optimized for mobile, it will rank low in Google Search for smartphone users.  Looking at the statistics earlier, you know that this is not good for business. You just have to optimize your site to be mobile-friendly.


With all these points, you can see where the future is going. Mobile will be an important tool for reaching your customers and preparing your websites to cater to this trend is not anymore a luxury; it is a necessity. If you need an expert to do an overhaul for your website, get in touch with David Henderson at His more than twenty years of being entrenched in the field of sales and marketing give your company the edge in deploying effective and efficient websites that would not only cater to your current technology but also geared towards the future.


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David Henderson is the CEO and Founder of Unwired Web Solutions, The Find Network & Defiant Media. David is also the Co-Founder of Having spent his entire career in sales and marketing with comapanies like Blackberry, Auto Trader, Yellow Pages Group, Mediative and others. David decided he wanted to bring his passion for internet marketing directly to the people running their businesses & working how to understand how the web can work for them. Our mandate is to provide services, platforms & development at a client level. Henderson has over 25 years in sales marketing leadership.

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