Website Consulting

Educating & informing your potential clients

Getting searchers to you website, is only the first step in converting that opportunity into a lead and then an actual client.  I see hundreds and hundreds of websites & the biggest thing that stands out to me is that business owners don’t take the time to think through what they want to say to engage with the visitors the bring to their website.

It’s not just about listing products, it’s about creating a compelling story about why your products are the RIGHT products for the people visiting your site.  How many times have you do to a website and after navigating around for 2-3 minutes you’re left with that, “What the heck is this about?”  All they have is a list of products.

You website should contain content that educates & informs consumers.  It should give them input & advice into making purchase decisions or figuring out the best product for their particular situation.  Sure I want to know the price but I’d rather be educated so I know I’m buying the right product from the right person.  Give me tips & tricks about using the product.  Have some video’s explaining how easy it is to use or instal.  Maybe some testimonials from people that are happy with the products & services you offer.

Then make it easy for me to buy


It’s worth the investment to get an honest expert analysis of how your website is performing.  Are you getting traffic from search engines for words & phrases that consumers would be using to find someone when they don’t know who to buy from?

Is the content on your site easy to navigate & understand?  Does it answer questions that consumers might have about how your products & services work?  If you don’t answer the questions people have they will never turn into a lead or client.  They will always go to another source to find the answers to their questions.

Website Consulting Process

Your websites value is only determined by the business that comes through it.  Are there ample conversion tools?  Are they easy to find & get to?  Do you make it easy for the people visiting your website to buy from you?

  • Is the navigation clear & concise?
  • Does your home page tell a good story overall?
  • Can consumers get to their primary product within 3 clicks?
  • Does your website come up on the first page?
  • Are all your products & services found on your website?
  • Do you educate & inform visitors to your website?
  • Do you have only pictures & no words (content)?
  • Have you looked at your biggest competitors website?
  • Do you know how many people search for the stuff you offer every month?
  • When was the last time you changed anything or added pages fo content?

Understanding that your website isn’t like a billboard but more an infomercial on TV is the first step to building a website that is compelling & engaging to the people visiting.  Answer their questions, give them tools to evaluate your offering.  Load videos on YouTube & your website so they can see you & what you do in action.

Make it easy for them to decide you are who they want to do business with.  Consumers are shopping this way every single day & if they can’t find you or aren’t comfortabel with the message you are sending they will buy from someone else.

Isn’t it worth speaking to an expert to see how your website is working for you?