Top Social Media Tools To Use In 2015

Gone are the days when social media was thought of as a waste of time.  As 2015 opens, social media gurus agree that social media will become even more intertwined in our daily lives, and this year, social media marketing will become even more personal and more competitive, focusing on adding value to platforms.


Indeed, social media marketers have a lot on their hands this year.


When it’s about enhancing productivity, flexibility and visibility, there is no better way to accomplish it than social media tools.


We round up seven great tools you should use this coming year and why they should be on your must-have list.


Social Media Management


When it comes to scheduling social media posts, Buffer is hands down, one of the easiest, free-to-use applications out there. Buffer allows you to bookmark interesting posts for sharing with your readers using any device and to publish posts – photos, links, or text – either immediately or in advance.


One of the advantages Buffer has over other similar tools (such as Hootsuite) is that it enables you to set a different time and date for each post (for example, 8am today for Facebook, then tomorrow for Google+ and Twitter), which makes posting much more flexible and more targeted. It also gives you helpful statistics on the number of clicks, retweets and reach your posts have garnered per social media platform.




2.All In One SEO pack

If you’re using WordPress, the All In One SEO pack is a must for enhancing search engine ranking and visibility the sweat-free way. With the plug-in installed, you can optimize blog posts by allowing you to customize keywords, descriptions and page titles.




One of the challenges of Instagram for social media marketers is that for the most part, Instagram is a mobile-based application, which means you can only upload photos and publish them in real-time whenever you have your phone or tablet with you.

Schedugram quashes that limitation by allowing you to upload your photos straight from a PC or laptop and also schedule multiple photos in advance. This tool is very handy especially for people with multiple accounts for brands or business. It has a free 7-day trial, after which you may choose a paid plan starting from $20 (for 10,000 followers or less).


Gramblr functions like Schedugram, only that it is limited to posting only single photos at a time from a laptop or PC. Unlike Schedugram though, it doesn’t have a scheduling feature, but it’s helpful nonetheless if you want a free app that allows you to access and post photos on Instagram that aren’t stored in your mobile device. It also allows you to enhance photos and add texts on them prior to publishing.




Are you struggling with the right hashtags for your tweets and posts? RiteTag allows you to tweak your Twitter hashtags based on a color-coded scheme. Every time you type in a hashtag, RiteTag will tag it as green (excellent hashtag), blue (good), or red (generic or worn-out). It also tells you the rate at which your hashtags can be discovered. The app is available on HootSuite and other social media platforms. too.


Tweetdeck is helpful for organizing, monitoring and searching Twitter activity, and also enables you to simultaneously update multiple social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook in real time.


Tracking and analytics

7.Google Analytics

When it comes to monitoring and analyzing inbound traffic to your site, no other free tool can top Google Analytics.

As a product of Google itself, Google Analytics gives you infinite insight on Web traffic and social activities that are coming in to your site from each social media platform, plus the type of traffic that a campaign produces for your site or page. The Behavior tab in particular allows you to see all data for your pages, and you can specify the duration or dates you wish to check.


With the number of social media accounts webmasters need to attend to every day, social media tools that allow you to listen and get your message out there the right way becomes even more invaluable.

There are hundreds more of helpful social media tools out there for you to explore, each of them with unique pros and cons. We can give you a hand with which ones are suited for your business’ specific needs so you can get the best out of your social activities. Contact us today to collaborate.


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