The Importance of A/B Testing to Ecommerce

Every e-commerce website has a specific goal. For most of them, the goal is to turn those visitors to leads. It’s about increasing traffic to their sites and encouraging people to purchase what they have to offer. This, in turn, contributes to and strengthens acquisition and conversion.


Excelling at conversion is often not as easy as acquisition though. Acquiring traffic can be costly – what with all the ads that businesses have to put up – so it’s important to make sure that your conversion methods are effective so as not to waste that precious traffic.


Successful conversion in an e-commerce website depends upon a wide range of factors: headlines, stories, the web design, online promotional tools and many others. To boost conversion, it’s crucial to test these factors and if necessary, change them to a version that works.


A/B testing or split testing is an excellent way to do that.


Why A/B Test?


In any results-driven scenario in business, experiments are an integral determinant of success. After all, it’s almost impossible to correctly know what your customers prefer and make sound business decisions if you don’t have objective data to back it up.


With A/B testing, you gain the non-intrusive privilege of knowing what your prospects prefer, without directly asking them and without them even knowing it!


Being able to measure how well one version of a component of your ecommerce site performs compared to another allows you to also effectively measure the rate at which two versions convert mere site visitors to business builders.


For example, consider an A/B test of two Facebook follow messages on a website:


Version A: Follow me on Facebook

Version B: Follow me on Facebook HERE


In a study, sites with more direct messages like Version B gets the vote; more visitors take action when that version B is put up on the site compared to version A.


The value of a split test then is that it offers you better insight into what really works for your target audience – so you can create greater conversions – be it a call-to-action statement, an image or an ad unit.


Other benefits include:


  • It makes you better at creating site changes that make your site more efficient.

Most rookie businesses make the mistake of working solely on acquiring traffic while missing out on how to convert that traffic. Acquiring traffic is costly, but converting is not. By practicing how to create better conversions early on, you will learn exactly how to transform visitors to lead conversions, and you get better with each successful testing.


  • It creates long-term income gains.

Understanding your traffic better and what turns them into loyal customers can be a huge advantage in the long-term as you build a stable source of revenue generators, and this will influence all aspects of your business. The benefits of a split test on ROI are tremendous; the smallest alterations on your landing page improve lead count, sales and income.

Considering the benefits that A/B testing provides, there’s really no better day to start than now. More traffic means more conversions, and the earlier you start, the better you become. Talk to us how we can help give your business a great jumpstart using A/B test. We’re always willing to help!


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