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    What is Search Marketing really?

    There are many aspects of an overall search marketing strategy & they all boil down to being findable when people are looking for you or your products or services in your local market online. Ensuring you are appearing on Google, Yahoo & Bing organically is just the first step. Now Local Search is also extremely important as are local directories and facebook.

    Google Places has changed the game entirely & they now receive upwards of 20% of the organic clicks as the number of clicks increases it will be that much more difficult to rank for the really important search phrases.

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    Can reviews & recommendations help?

    When clients add a review or a rating on the internet it follows you almost everywhere online. Especially on Google. A review can be positive or negative & how you respond is key to what consumers decide to do after reading the review. A negative review can be a positive thing if you handle it in a positive manner without getting into a “pissing contest” online. Google finds everything people says about you & your people then either shows their own reviews or provides links to the websites that have them. Sticking your head in the sand to what people are saying positively or negatively isn’t the thing to do. Pay attention, listen & respond appropriately when required. What people are saying online has an enormous impact on where you rank.

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    Is it just about Yahoo, Google & Bing?


    Simply put it isn’t. Ranking organically & in their local placement areas IS important but there are plenty of other activities you can & SHOULD do to ensure your business is found where people are looking. For example your local yellow pages website is key as are any industry specific industry related portals that make sense to you. In your local market there may be websites that list the products & services of local businesses, make sure you submit your information to these websites. Every directory or portal that you can find & add your information to with a link back to your website becomes a VOTE for your business as far as the search engines are concerned.