Search Engine Optimization

Does Search Engine Optimization make a difference?

seo servicesI don’t need Search Engine Optimization in Canada because everybody knows me. If you take the time to research the keywords that people type into search engine for the products & services YOU offer in your local market you will be VERY surprised with what you discover.  There are literally hundreds of people searching for what you do & they don’t know you do it.  If you have analytics installed on your website & take the time to analyze them you will see that the largest majority of visitors to your website search by your business name.  While it’s expected those visitors will go to you (they already know who you are) look more closely to see if anyone else is finding you & what search terms they are entering into search engines.  If you aren’t seeing searches for terms you’d expect people to type to find you then you aren’t getting the results you should be from search engines.  If you know the number of people searching by relevant terms to your business & you aren’t getting any traffic from those search terms the simple conclusion is your competitors are getting those visits.  Those highly qualified visits.  Our Search Engine Optimization in Canada provides businesses with the tools to better understand who is searching in their local market & how many visitors you’re getting.

I hate it when I type something into a search engine that is related to my business and my biggest competitor appears but I don’t, why is that?  Your competitor is engaged with search marketing and is following Googles guidelines to ensure they are appearing when people search for the same products & services you offer.  By taking the time to first understand how consumers search & then ensuring your website is built the way Google wants it built you can begin to see your website appear at the tops of the results page. Source out a specialist in search marketing that can help you navigate through the steps to get you where you want to be.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

That’s the million dollar question!  The simple truth is it ISN’T rocket science OR magic.  Google has a very specific set of guidelines that need to be followed.  If those guidelines are followed & you work at building more trust & authority (hint inbound links) then the search engines (GOOGLE) will naturally rank you higher then your competitors for the search phrases that matter most to your potential clients.

Following are some of the points Google wants you to be aware of:

  • Make a site with clear hierarchy  & text links, each page on your site should be reachable from another link
  • Build a site map for users that makes it easy to see what information is where
  • Build an XML site map so the search engines understand what’s important on your site
  • Don’t have too many links on any given page – be reasonable
  • Make the content on your website useful & full of information that makes it clear what message you are trying to get across
  • Think about the words people would type to find your products & services – then use those words in your site
  • Use text instead of images to get your point across (the spiders love text cause it’s easy to understand)
  • Make use of meta & alt tags for titles & descriptions
  • Make sure you don’t have any broken links or incorrect HTML
  • Make use of a Robots.txt file & no-follow links
  • Work to build links from your suppliers & vendors websites to yours – these links are the trust & relevance Google likes

Search Engine Optimization is a lot like building a fire, the first steps are all about building your website the right way just like gathering dried grass & small twigs & bark for a fire.  If you start with the simple basics of following the guidelines Google sets for the architecture of your website you put the grass & bark & small twigs in the fire pit.  The adding some bigger sticks just before lighting the fire is the same as adding the content consumers want to see so they can educate themselves on the right products or services.  When you actually light the fire you want to stay close by to get it burning brighter & hotter by slowly adding pieces of wood to the fire while coals are getting hotter & hotter.  This is similar to gaining inbound links from other websites that are relevant to what you do which is kind of like getting another website to give you a mini “vote” saying your website is good.

By continuing to add more & more logs to the fire you continue to gain coals & heat from the fire – this needs to be done or the fire will go out.  The exact same thing can be said for your website, over time you need to continually build relevancy & trust which in turn shows search engines that you want to keep the fire burning.