Sales Coaching

Whether you’ve chosen sales or sales chose you there is always room for improvement, tweaking or perhaps a complete overhaul of how you do what you do. Spending the time to diagnose strengths & areas for improvement will help you understand what will take you to the top of the sales charts.  Think about it, people all over the word spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year with personal trainers so they can exercise their bodies & become better & more healthy at what they do.  Yet people rarely invest in themselves to get better at their profession.  Unless of course you’re a professional athlete.

All athletes spends hour upon hour honing their skills to be the best they can be at their sport.  How much time do you spend to get better at sales?  My bet is you’re thinking to yourself, “as little as possible!”  In my experience as a sales manager & director I always loved hearing that a sales person was: getting married, buying house, having a baby etc because I knew they’d be under the gun to do better in sales so they could afford the latest change in their lifestyle. I’ve had literally hundreds of sales people pass through my door & can count on one – maybe two hands the ones that truly wanted to get better at their craft & practiced, looked for coaching & did whatever was necessary to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Sell More ~ Tomorrow

  • Call EVERY opportunity in your funnel
  • Ask them to do business with you (really)
  • Ask them what’s stopping them from working with you
  • Go through you calendar from last year

Professional Sales Coaching


Call every opportunity in your funnel ~ It might seem like a logical thing to do but when was the last time you did it?  What did you talk to the about when you called?  If you even called.  If you have opportunities in your funnel that you haven’t spoken to recently the odds are they aren’t a real sales opportunity.

One of my sales reps in the past used to start every single conversation with, “I’m just calling to touch base.”  Every single call, his clients would always say things were great and the rep would be done with the call in 30 seconds.  My point here is… well have a point!  Take a couple of minutes to review the account before you dial state a specific reason for calling.  “Mr. Jones, when we last got together on the 14th we spoke about moving forward with supplying your company with X & the reason for my call today is see if you have any questions before moving ahead with an order?”

Ask them for the order ~ I know it sounds crazy but how many times do you actually ask them for the business?  When you actually ask for the business the worst case scenario is you’ll have the opportunity to find out what’s stopping them from moving forward with you.

Ask them what’s stopping them from moving forward ~ if you ask them for the business & they say they aren’t ready ask them specifically what is stopping them from moving forward.  Use those exact words a few times.  I know it probably isn’t natural but it will lead your client to actually tell you what’s holding them back.  When they tell you (hopefully they won’t be beating around the bush) you’ll be able to respond with something like, “Mr. Jones, if we could solve your issue with X would you be in a position to move forward this week?”

Go through your calendar from last year ~ At the beginning of every month review your appointments attended in the same calendar month of last year & ask yourself why the business didn’t close.  Pick up the phone & reach out to those clients to try & re-engage.   Maybe they are in a better position to move forward or their obstacles have been removed.  Maybe the vendor they decided on hasn’t been fulfilling their end of the deal & you can solve some new issues.  These are generally really warm leads & you should be able to re-engage with at least one of them.

Also call the clients you sold to last year, maybe they need more?  Maybe they have a problem with your service or products & calling them gets you one step closer to resolving the issue.

The bottom line is this, there are things you can do today that will make a difference in the business you close this week or month.  Pick up the phone & find out where your prospects stand as far as moving forward with you.