David Henderson Canada

Social Media…what?

What is it? do I need it?
Straight Up, social media is the use of the online space to turn a message into a dialogue.  I don’t just want to shout I want to listen & interact.

Should I worry about Social Media in Canada,
That’s the million dollar question, the answer is yes… maybe check out this post to see what I mean.

Reputation Management…what?
It’s pretty simple really – the process of keeping track of what people say about me or my business online.  Sometimes it’s good other times bad – unless you know what’s being said you can’t impact it.

 You have questions, I have answers… 


 There is so much noise about everything I need to do with my website or social media & I’m completely lost!  What should I do next or first?  When should I start looking at Facebook or Twitter or Four Square?  Take a look at my post, you might be surprised at my answer.

Build your website for consumers first, then search engines second.  The folks at Google say it over and over & as SEO’s we tend to forget because we can’t seem to see the forest for the trees at times.  I tell people all the time that “Google doesn’t care what your website looks like, they car how it’s built & how well the developer has followed their guidelines.  The better you do the easier it is to rank higher in the organic results.

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