Crafting Content for Social Media vs Your Blog vs Your Website

Your modern consumer cannot live without one thing – the Internet. People browse products online and research on how your product fares with other brands with just a click of a mouse. Online advertising has become a more popular medium because it is accessible to the consumers almost 24/7, is more targeted and measurable than its traditional counterparts.


This is the reason why many businesses increase their online presence. They have all the social media pages from LinkedIn to Facebook to Pinterest; they have numerous blogs and websites that they maintain – everything and anything in the effort to be present wherever their customers go.


But what is the difference among all of these online channels? While you may think that being present in all online channels is the only solution for your consumers to engage with you, you are wrong! Each medium employs different strategies and you cannot, in most cases, just swap one for the other. Let us find out how your website should differ from your blog and your social media in terms of content.


  1. Social Media. Social media has made communication faster than ever before. Because of this, it has made and damaged brands faster than ever before as well! Word-of-mouth marketing has been transformed in exponential ways because of the advent of social media thus evolving into a new term: word-of-mouse. Many companies have thought of investing all their online presence in social media. However, we believe that it should be a complementary platform to augment your other online channels such as your blogs or your corporate website.


Content in social media differs from your blog in such a way that it needs to be concise, relevant and straight to the point. With the clutter that everyone faces in their social media streams, your content should be simple yet engaging. Should there be content that you want your audience to pore into, lead them back to your blog or your corporate site. In this way, your social media channel becomes a measurement tool for converting your audiences as well.


  1. Blogs are becoming more popular for businesses. They create a rather relaxed atmosphere for your consumers. Blog content is more flexible and friendlier in terms of tone. They are interactive in such a way that your audience can post comments and reactions to your blog entries. Blogs, like social media, provide businesses an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with the customers through relevant content and not too much on hard selling.


  1. Despite the advent of social media, businesses should realize that not everyone is in social media. So while you may be thinking of killing that website and focus more on your social media pages, think again.


Having a website pumps up your credibility. It should be where your other online channels lead to. It is your digital home base where you have the most flexibility in terms of what to put as content, what tools need to be there and so on.


In terms of content, your website should reflect everything and anything about your company. Most of the time, your website is static and will sound more professional and formal when it comes to tone and content. When consumers visit your website, they know that the information that they will be getting will be everything about your company. Unlike social media where you have to downplay hard sell at some point, your website is all about you. With this in mind, you have to make sure that the customer can find the information that he needs from your business – from your branch locations, your products, your pricing, your services.


Make sure that you know how to craft your online content to fit the requirements of the medium where you want to be present in. It is not enough to be “just there”. Putting yourself in the online world is a daunting task as it is real-time and accessible by your consumers everywhere. Many resources are needed to maintain and increase your presence – so make sure that you have the right strategies before you seek out your customers and engage them online.


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David Henderson is the CEO and Founder of Unwired Web Solutions, The Find Network & Defiant Media. David is also the Co-Founder of Having spent his entire career in sales and marketing with comapanies like Blackberry, Auto Trader, Yellow Pages Group, Mediative and others. David decided he wanted to bring his passion for internet marketing directly to the people running their businesses & working how to understand how the web can work for them. Our mandate is to provide services, platforms & development at a client level. Henderson has over 25 years in sales marketing leadership.

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