Connecting Online and Offline Success with the “Store visits” metric in AdWords

There was a time when offline and online were two separate entities.


But recently Google rolled out a new and interesting concept that will ensure your revenue remains to be your primary key performance indicator by merging online with offline data. The idea is to apply that offline data to the ROI formula and utilize it to calculate the impact of online marketing to offline sales.

For years, businesses have been trying to find out how online tools influence real-world operations such as brick-and-mortar store traffic and this is what Google’s newly launched Store Visits metric in Adwords hopes to solve.
Store Visits is an all-new, campaign-level version of the AdWords Estimated Total Conversions (ETC), and is calculated by Google using grabbed data from anonymous users who have activated Google’s Location History feature on their devices. Google then connects your ad clicks whenever a customer visits your location.

It’s easy to use and can be used by any business as long as they meet the eligibilities. The conversions are shown in the ETC section of your account reports.

To be able to use the Store Visits metric, business owners must have:

  • A Google My Business and AdWords account linked with each other.
  • Multiple brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S.
  • Garnered significant ad clicks and store visits
  • Location extensions in their My Business account installed
  • Conversion tracking set up


The Benefits of Having Store Visits

While knowing the source of sales doesn’t directly boost it, it gives you the insight you need so that you can allocate your ad spend more wisely – where it’s proven to work.

Store Visits benefits both business owners and marketers in a number of ways.

  • It helps marketers better comprehend how their search ads influence real-world traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations.
  • It lets marketers know if their Web ads are providing more ROI or not.
  • The added data connectivity, cradled right in Google Analytics, offers more exciting, more powerful and easier-to-reach possibilities in terms of improving the data-gathering, decision-making and profit-increasing abilities of businesses.
  • Business owners get a crystal-clear picture of how Web activity translates to offline customers in their physical store, all while having the customers’ identities preserved by the tool.

Although e-commerce is growing exponentially by the minute, we cannot deny too that a huge part of transactions, particularly for businesses with physical stores, comes from transactions that take place in the real world.

By bringing together both ends of the poles, what Store Visits ultimately does is to help enable business owners and marketers arrive at more objective and data-influenced decisions to better their promotional efforts toward the things that matter – like customers and point of sale – so that they achieve greater traffic, sales and ROI.

The Store Visits tool is a relatively new metric – having been launched only this year – so it might seem a bit challenging for a first-timer. If you’re having difficulties on how to gauge foot traffic via search ads using this metric, our team can help maximize it for your business. Contact us today to learn how.


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