Business Consulting

I speak with clients all the time and what I hear most from them is that they are experts in renovating basements, HR consulting, driving transport trucks or any other host of professions.  But what they aren’t is marking experts or sales managers.  Think about how how many years you’ve spent becoming the best you can be in what you do and then realize that the only thing holding you back from even more success is your marketing or sales plan.  The stuff you hate to think about because it usually means spending money not making it.

Business Consulting Ideas

  • Have a “master” plan
  • Have a detailed yearly goal
  • Keep better track of who you are selling to
  • Call past clients twice a year
  • Know where you are to your goals

Professional Business Consulting & Sales Coaching

pic-4We know that the part of the business we hate the most is the one that is most important – selling yourself & your company.  The only way to feed your family is to SELL.  If it isn’t the single most important part of your business it’s a very close second (or maybe third after client service).  Let’s face it, if you hate doing it the most but know it’s one of the most important things to do you might as well take the time & do it right so you can do LESS of it.

What I’m saying is a pretty simple concept, if I get really good at acquiring new, and keeping existing clients I won’t have to spend as much time selling.   If I don’t have to spend as much time selling I can spend more time doing what I do or maybe spend that time with my family.  The concept isn’t rocket science it’s really more about defining a plan and then actually sticking to it.

What Can I do to sell more today?

When I’m meeting with a small business owner that really wants to get better at planning for & selling more stuff the first thing I ask them to show me is a complete list of their clients.  What I want to see is whether or not they have a structure in place so they know exactly who they have sold to in the past. Of course I’d love if they not only knew who their clients are but who are the best clients & how did they determine “best”?  If they haven’t spoken to EVERY SINGLE client in the last 12 months that becomes task 1-A.

What usually happens is after the he/she calls every single client they find more business that was just sitting there waiting for them.  Where I come in is really just to make recommendations on what to do & then I implement some “soft” deadlines and follow up so the small business owner takes some accountability and does it.

Depending on the engagement we go into so much more detail not only on existing or previous clients but also understanding what’s in your opportunity pipeline today?  Do you really know or are you keeping track of them in your head?  Could you go back & see who you met with or did a presentation to in the last month?  Quarter?  Year?  did they buy from you?  Someone else?  If someone else why?  Are they going to be in the market for your services again?  Build a list/ database of everyone you’ve tried to sell to & then reach out to them.

Sales Coaching In Canada

  • Have an opportunity funnel
  • Know who you’ve sold to –  call them
  • Know who you tried selling to
  • Keep in touch
  • Have REASON to keep in touch
  • Stay current in your field
  • Become the source media uses
  • Be involved in your community
  • Review your plan
  • Revise your plan if you need
  • Talk to your employees
  • Know your competition
  • Know THEIR competition
  • Stay on top of industry trends
  • Think ahead to next year
  • Plan for next quarter
  • Reflect on lost business
  • Think through specials
  • Practice your pitch
  • Follow your plan